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About Capcom

Capcom was initially begun as a small business franchise that manufactured arcade games. These are coin-operated machines, which can be diversified into merchandisers (better known as Skill With Prizes games within the trade circles, they are machines that have the prizes on display along with the game), video gaming systems (equipped with remote controls and joysticks to play popular video games), pinball machines (where points are scored by the manipulation of one or several balls through various labyrinthine passages in a glass cabinet), and so on.

The Japanese gaming giant Capcom also began its work in this arena, and later moved on to video games development, software development and gained worldwide recognition for launching hugely popular gaming franchises like Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Ace Attorney and Monster Hunter.

In fact, when the arcade gaming industry sagged in its sales towards the 1990s (Pac-Man's popularity was dwindling and there were fewer takers of Donkey Kong), and the overall moolah raked in by the arcade industry in U.S had fallen to a mere $2.1 billion, (as opposed to the previous net collection of more than $8 billion), Capcom released the second instalment of their popular game Street Fighter (which was known as Street Fighter-II), and almost single-handedly revived the culture of arcade gaming.

Capcom, though set up initially in Japan, in the year 1979, has expanded its empire over the years and now has offices in many important cities in the world, situated all over North America, Europe and East Asia. Capcom Co. Ltd, the actual gaming corporation was begun in the year 1983 and since then, it has witnessed phenomenal success within the gaming and software development market.

It originally began as a small, sub-ordinate office that kept track of accounts for Sambi Co. Ltd (which was itself a merger of I.R.M Corporation and Capsule Computer Co. Ltd). Then on July 11, 1983, Sambi Co. Ltd and the subsidiary company Capcom Co. Ltd, joined hands to form the present day Capcom.

The company has also brought considerable innovations in the field of home video console gaming, with its Nintendo Entertainment System Port. An interesting bit of trivia is that the name "Capcom" is an amalgamation of the two words "Capsule Computer", which described the arcade machines that were only made by the company in the beginning stages of the arcade gaming revolution.