Super Pang

Play Pang aka Buster Bros

Play the classic arcade Pang by Capcom. You can play with 1 or 2 players.

About Pang

Any ardent gamer would be familiar with the arcade video game Pang, which is also famous as Buster Bros and Pomping World. The game was developed and released by the hugely successful gaming enterprise Capcom, in the year 1989, following a revival or even a resurgence in the arcade gaming industry, which had flagged out in the late 1970s. This game was the successor of another arcade game called the Street Fighter, which was almost single-handedly responsible for overhauling the image and previous position of arcade video games in the markets.

Pang Gameplay

In the game of Pang, the main quest is undertaken by two players who don the avatars of the two Buster brothers, who have been assigned the monumental task of saving the planet from alien invasive forces (manifested as balloons in the game), and prevent the destruction of significant landmarks of Earth.

What does the gameplay entail?
  • The game starts at Mt. Fuji, Japan, and the players have to overcome three sets of obstacles so that they can attain the next level and come to the next location on the planet.
  • Overall, the game has 50 levels, which are organised in 17 different virtual locations on the screen.
  • Some of these locations include famous historical sites like the Mayan ruins, the Angkor Vat, the Taj Mahal, the Pyramids of Egypt and the Ayers rock and so forth.
  • Another remarkable feature of the game is the background that alters and morphs lucidly from one famous landmark to another, incorporating these into the game scenario.
  • Each level has the enemy objects represented by balloons of differing shapes and sizes, and also varying numbers. The background comprises of building blocks, some which can be shot through and collapse, others which are impervious to shots.
  • The weapon that the two players are initially equipped with is a harpoon (a cylindrical structure with a pointed tapering end), with which they attempt to burst the balloons.
  • The players might gain special bonuses after popping some balloons.
  • Each player can have a maximum of 3-5 lives in one session (these numbers changed with the later versions of the game).

Therefore, with its lively and engaging interface along with sleek graphics, this game has been a regular delight to gamers from all over the world.